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Todays Soulful Sound Of Detroit

1) Here We Come - The Funk Factor w/JazShop

Written, Produced and Arranged By: Timothy King

2) Today I Fell In Love - The Funk Factor featuring: Zania Alake

Written, Produced and Arranged By: Timothy King

3) Anytime You Need Love - Jose Hamilton

Written By: Wyman Brown, Timothy King.

Produced By: Joel Faddol, Timothy King 

Arranged By: Timothy King, Ufuoma Wallace

4) Our Flame - Anita Marie Hill

Written, Produced and Arranged By: Timothy King

5) Give It What Cha Got - The Funk Factor w/JazShop

Written by: Darren Carmichael, Timothy King

Produced By: Timothy King, Anthony Mason

Arranged By: Timothy King, Ufuoma Wallace

6) Physically Attracted To You - Sterling Davis

Written By: Jose Hamilton, Timothy King

Produced and Arranged By: Timothy King

7) Before I Let Go - King Lew

Written By: Wyman Brown, King Lew 

Produced and Arranged: Wyman Brow

8) Bring On The Night - The Funk Factor featuring: Jaliyah and Jamyla Turner (The Turner Girls)

Written By: Timothy King, Susan Marsh, Aaron Riser

9) The Funk Machine - Ufuoma Wallace

Written, Produced and Arranged By: Ufuoma Wallace

10) More Than A Notion - Jamie Nelson

Wrtten, Produced and Arranged By: Timothy King


Today’s Soulful Sounds of Detroit
The Funk Factor

I’ve listened to this project several times and I have come to the conclusion that the songs on
this CD could very well be viewed as the next generation of great music coming out of the
Motor City. The group’s name may be The Funk Factor and there is some infused funk in these
tunes, but there is also a whole lotta SOUL in the mix. Down here in the southeast corner of the
USA, we have the phenomena known as “Beach Music” and “Shagging”. Forget Jan & Dean, The
Beach Boys and the other surfer artists and Austin Powers when you hear these terms. Beach
Music is the coined moniker of music in our region that people dance the shag to. There is an
abundance of information on the web about these two subjects, so I will not go into a history
lesson of the music and dance. While this project has national appeal, there are four songs that
fit into the Beach Music & Shag lifestyle: “Singing That Song Once Again” The Carmichael
Movement, “More Than A Notion”, “Today I Fell In Love” featuring Zania Alake and “I Won’t Let
You Go”. I can guarantee you that I’ll be spinning these songs on the radio and for the dancers.
In fact, I already have!!

Butch Halpin
Carolina Sounds Beach Show
** Butch Halpin has been in the music business since 1976 as a DJ, vocalist, producer, record label
owner and promoter. He is a 2012 Inductee into the Beach Music Radio Hall of Fame and 2013 Inductee
into the Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame.